VIP ITALIA, for more than 40 years, a name and a brand synonymous with the most effective and advanced technology in the service of health and beauty.

VIP ITALIA produces highly specialized equipment for Aesthetics and Aesthetic Medicine and has supplied health and beauty centers all over the world where their continuously developing methodologies are applied to help to resolve the most commonly recurring beauty problems.
Sophisticated equipment together with VIP’s range of derma cosmetic products enables the staff of these centers, having been trained by VIP, to give every day to male and female clients, immediate, visible and long-lasting results.

Cellulite, extra kilos, skin and muscular slackness, aging processes, unwanted hair, these instruments are the ideal solution for a progressive and real elimination. VIP was established in 1971 in Torino by Giancarlo Levi.

His previous experience in the business of cosmetics showed him the growing need for a revolution in treatment methodology. At that time almost all treatments were hands on. Giancarlo Levi was the first to recognize that by combining his technical training and knowledge of advanced electronics could be applied to the beauty sector.

The history of VIP started in this way: pioneering in a field at that time unknown to many people. This work is in continuous development. The beauty field is a very fertile land with plenty of work to be done, especially in the evaluation and application of new methods that are made possible by new technology.

VIP has always focused on the invention to create treatments that give certain immediate results. Imagine the contrast for aestheticians who had worked only with their hands and a few products, whose businesses VIP transformed by putting the potential for quick and surprising results in their hands with advanced electronics. Today these electronic solutions seem commonplace with many copies, but VIP is the innovator with over 40 years’ experience. VIP fully understand the history and development of these treatments. Copies are only able to replicate, often making mistakes.

All this investment in new technology has translated into a remarkable increase of productivity for beauty centers and their incomes.
VIP has and continues to make the most significant contribution to all of this. For example, they were the first company to introduce electro-muscle stimulation to the beauty field.

Knowing that, as in all works, evolution must be continuous to satisfy the demand of the market, aestheticians abandoned the artisan techniques in favor of technology. Now the ground was open and fertile also for the Aesthetic Medicine.
Nowadays, we believe that every aesthetic center has from 1 to 10 treatment appliances at least. These sophisticated appliances are often automatic, giving the beauty center many extra hands.

This has allowed beauty centers to offer to their clients many treatments simultaneously, enabling a dramatic increase in clients that can be treated and increasing their potential for income more than 100 times.
Today you can find our appliances all around the world: from Portugal to Hong Kong, from Brazil to Unite Kingdom, from Russia to Indonesia and in the most remote countries.

The keyword that since 1971 has marked the designing and production work of the appliances has been EVOLUTION. The constant effort to adopt new engineering and building technologies allowed the realization of instruments, which were more and more sophisticated, multifunctional, quick in results, easy to use and with very rapid profitability.

Transion is the most known and copied appliance in the world; its strength in the slimming treatment is the immediate reduction of centimeters in the circumference of the treated area in just 15 minutes, in the very first application.

The constant technological upgrading has brought to the development of more and more advanced generations not only of Transion but of many other appliances (Linfogei, Isogei, Microgei just to mention some of the most known) and it allowed the operators of Aesthetics and Aesthetic Medicine always to have the newest items on the market for more and more effective treatments and better results.

Appliances colored in cool hues, new and smart shapes and design, alternated, continuous or mixed currents, light, heat, complex waves: nothing has been neglected to enhance the potentiality of the services in the face and body treatments, to solve all the beauty problems effectively.

This has been the activity of VIP ITALIA in its long history: an action that made it the leader in the world of aesthetics and point of reference for all the operators of the field. Thousands of people work with VIP appliances, and millions are those who benefited by VIP treatments during all these years: at least 80.000 every day.

Doctors, engineers, researchers, aestheticians and professional people through medical science, electronics, studies and continuous researches progress VIP’s work in the aim to solve more and more e efficiently the main beauty problems: slimming and reshaping the body, thinning wrinkles, thinning out unwanted hair, firming the tissues, reducing and eliminating cellulite, preventing and slowing down ageing.
Each VIP equipment can be customized in its functions, programs, optional tools, etc., according to the specification requirements of each beauty salon to suit the need and the demand of the operators and customers.

In the meanwhile, thanks to your consideration and support that always stimulates us to do more, we continue our researches following the rhythm of these more and more frantic ages, since VIP’s goal is still to be the first to reach the finishing line and be the leader.


  • Free training in the headquarters
  • Specialized multilingual personnel for training
  • Department for development of national and international franchising
  • Designing and consultation for the setting up of the salon Demonstration center for clients from Italy and foreign countries Training courses on Vip appliances and methodology from clients from Italy and foreign countries Managing sessions on the opening and running of the center Commercial sale courses
  • Courses on information systems of marketing
  • Advertising consultation
  • Upgrading on sale services and promotions
  • Communication courses
  • Personalized daily, weekly or twice-weekly training courses
  • Commercial courses for the training of sale personnel of distributors Classes for the application of the facilities for the staff of the distributor Service of continuous consultation to all the clients in the world: by telephone, e-mail, and social networks Technical assistance
  • Organization of international meetings and congresses with prestigious reporters for continuous upgrading and the developing of the aesthetics and aesthetic medical technology

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