Vip Line OPEN has been developed to satisfy the needs of the operator and the client to provide new items.

A unique development that will attract you and your business.

VIP ITALIA is continuously evolving and presenting high-quality treatment equipment.
New generations of proven treatments and new solutions targeted to fast, safe and long lasting results to help you win the fight against all beauty problems.

It is necessary to satisfy customers who want the very best in every respect by producing
technology that ensures absolute safety and equipment that is easy to use, supported by training and assistance to provide optimum results.



Supporting treatment for general and localized rapid slimming
Muscle firming
Body reshaping


Supporting treatment for each muscle bundles rapid firming
Non-invasive face lifting
Enhancing of skin tone


Aesthetic lymphatic and venous drainage
Prevention of edemas, cellulite, swellings and localized cosmetic problems due to bad circulation


Helping the regenerating and firming action of the surface epithelial tissues, prevention of premature aging, wrinkles


Eliminates fat excess and localized cellulite treatment
Focused cells disintegration

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